She’s tired and I need to understand.

Even how much I want to be angry on her, I cannot. Because I know behind her anger are tired and frustrated spirits. She just have a lot in her shoulder. She carries burden nobody dares to share. She takes responsibilities in which can be paid over to somebody else. She chooses the battle she can loose. She’s tired and I know I have to give her the right to nag about it. I just wish I have the control to remove any form of sadness she caused me. Even I wanted to condemn her about making me feel bad before going to work, for not being mindful of what I feel, for not being conscious of the support I needed for my job, I cannot. Because she will demand the same from me and I am more guilty of not being able to help her. I am a daughter who support not big enough to my mother. I am only a daughter who can remain silent and absorb everything and prays for her mother from all the issues she’s ranting about. She’s tired and I need to understand.


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