Isn’t Love Enough?

“Why don’t you just apologize?”
“I don’t know. Maybe there’s a part of me telling sorry isn’t enough. We’ll just get to the same cycle again each time I fail to give him time.”
“So what do you plan to do?”
“I don’t know either. I’m thinking the only way out is acceptance. He needs to accept my tendencies. Unless he accepts that, we’ll always end up ruined.”
“What if he’s thinking that the only way out is for you to change your tendencies of being so badly focus and ignorant? One needs to adjust.”
“Can there be no other way out?”
“There is. And you both know that.”
“We discommit. Isn’t love enough?”
“Love includes giving time.”
“Doesn’t it include acceptance?”
“How will it grow if you won’t make time and will always be accepted?”
“Won’t it grow if not founded with acceptance?”
“We both know that growth founded on giving time and acceptance is better.”


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