Invisible Mark

​So here you go. Having read some posts on the newsfeed of people who are creating their mark in the world. While you, scanning everything laid on your mobile, trying to put words on what you feel. Of course you have your say on issues but you keep your words on your own, living a life of quietness and posting bits of artsy shot or built lines in the span of your online silence. But you always feel like you have to create your mark too. Maybe not in the whole scale of the world, but at least a number of other’s personal world. 

Why do you always have that feeling of wanting to create and show it to people and have them appreciate it? Why do you always have that sense to make your own spark too? Let the people know you’re more than ordinary. Why? I always wonder why. 

With my inconsistent enthusiasm on a lot of things in line on my interest, how can I manage to do so, to create a spark just like some of them? How can I manage to dismiss this feeling when sometimes I feel it’s a call. How can I manage to be more than the already me? How can I be good in making my own spark just like the others? How?


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