“Is there anything we can do?”
“That I dont know.”
“Can we just be honest with ourselves? That it’s no longer working. Our way. ”
“We’re all afraid to admit that.”
“Yea. We’ve been giving the honor that is due her. I think it’s time to face reality. Reality that in order to keep this people, we have to break norms. We have to change our way. We have to reformat.”
“I wish she can see that.”
“I’ll pray she would.”
“Pray that she be able to see it herself that her ways are no longer working. She has to see that.”
“Uhh, if only all of us are praying. But no, we don’t. We’re all too busy criticizing things in our mind instead of asking God.”
“Maybe that’s what God wants. We all ask for it instead of getting self-righteous over it.”
“We have to know the boundary between honoring the person and merely flattering her.”
“We also need to know that there are other ways to love them and not just minimizing the bigger truth.”
“Why can’t we say it straight to them? Why do we talk right now as if we’re backfighting?”
“Because we’re afraid too.”


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