There is a pain that’s worth enduring and a pain not worth considering. Serving God and living for Jesus isn’t a life free from suffering, a life free from hurting. Jesus didn’t promise us a life free from struggles. He promised us a life full of abundance, but it didn’t exclude hardships. Struggles are inevitable in the process. They are part of the process. And these are painful ones. They aren’t the easy types of exams with a-b-c-d choices. They were also exams of open-ended questions and hard enumerations. Exams that can make us cheat, or worse, fail. Struggles that are painfully real that makes us bleed, inward and outward that leaves us deep wound and in the end, scars. We can never be excuse from pain, even how much we love Jesus and serve Him with all our might. Pain is inevitable. Pain is inexcusable.

But there is a pain worth considering. A pain caused by resisting sin and temptation, pain caused by pruning that we may bear much fruit, pain caused by a life of total surrender to Jesus, is the kind of pain worth enduring. Because at the end of this pain is a life filled with testimony of Christ; A story of love, power, healing, deliverance, redemption, restoration and salvation. A pain marked by forsaking all, all of this self, and acquring more of Jesus. A pain that turns the best out of us.


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