Fair Intro

Hi. I’m Jane Fela. Not my complete name, but people used to call me by either Jane or Fela. I am an aspiring writer, photographer, layout artist and video editor. I know the basics and some complexities of them, but I want to be legit.

Right now, I’m working on full time as a church staff. I am a Christian, a non-Catholic (so I am not a nun). I handle the Creative Arts Media in Holy Trinity Bible Church. Anything to do with media and creativity, I’m now expected to work that out. I’m enjoying my full time stay. Maybe this is what they say, we all have our ‘calling’.

I live my life for Jesus and with Jesus and I’m more than happy with that.

I am an idealist. I love imagining my life with arts. I also love listing down things that I want–my To Do’s, my To Buy’s, my dream travels, my life goals. The moment I’ve listed them, I feel like one step closer in achieving them.. but actually, I am not.

I am not really good in making my dreams come true so I leave that to God.

Two main things I do to set the rage within each time I hit on frustration or bump on uncontrollabe emotions, either I pray them out or I write them down.

I learned that life will always be a process, so I’ll enjoy it anyway. Though pain is pretty inevitable, such pain that is worth enduring and some pain worth not even considering, I got to choose my battles well.

More so, I have to create something out of the process, from the good vibes down to the heartaches, from God’s glory down to my self-centered story. It may be through a quote on facebook, a photo on instagram, or a long blog post on tumblr.

And last, I am significantly random and that for me, is an art.


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