From A Distance

She went in her hiding place. That cafe where she can stay for the longest hour she can take. She smiled at the cashier and lip sang ‘Mocha frap’.

Ailyn, the girl at the cashier, nodded and smiled. She went in her place, her favorite spot inside, beside the window where the traffic jam can be seen. She pulled out from her bag her pen and notebook and started her rant. She was not feeling okay all the while.

Her mentor was discouraged, frustrated about herself. She just discovered that they were suffering the same. However, she didn’t utter a word to her mentor about her own suffering. She was feeling down for all that’s happening but I think it’s time for her to fight inspite of how hard to conquer such wavering emotions.

I think it’s time for her to get up and try reaching again her dreams. For her not to allow history to repeat itself.

I want to hug her and say it’s okay not to feel okay but it’s better if you won’t stay on it. I want to hug her and say you can still make things happen because God is in your side, right?

I want to treat her another glass of frapuccino and ask her to blab out everything inside so she can be free. I want to make her believe again that she’s capable and please don’t stop now. Things may have been really hard in the past but the future holds hope and please catch that hope. I want to hug her and say I will always believe in you even you don’t believe in yourself.

But I remained from a distance looking at her. I can’t come near. I just can’t. She’s working her way, I guess, because she starts writing. And smiling. I hope she’ll find her way back.


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